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The Knight Reaper

Ghost... Reaper... Writer... Dreamer...

8 June
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Doom [2]

Hi There, and thanks for stopping by my Journal :)

I am a London Girl who follows Fandom, and occasionally writes about it (be it through Fanfiction or Article Writing).

The Inspiration for this username came - in part - after watching the movie 'Doom' and loving Karl Urban as 'John Grimm/Reaper' in the film.

I'm still working things out and trying to sort out some posts, but there will be some proper content soon - including primarily, Fanfiction.

However, most of the content I post over the next few months *hopefully I will Post* will be FRIENDS ONLY as (if what I hope to do pans out) I will be writing fanfiction for a series that hasn't aired yet.

If you do add me as a friend, please leave a comment on the 'Welcome' post at the top of my Journal :)

Thankyou for Visiting :)

Peace <3


Quick Note: All GIFS/Avatars on this Journal do not belong to me unless stated in the description in the Scrapbook.
I found the GIFS primarily on Tumblr so all credit goes to original creators :)


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